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An Official Thank You to All #gtchat Participants: A Follow-up Post Regarding Vision

I felt prompted today to write you all a follow-up blog post. I wanted to offer a bit more explanation of why I decided to begin offering Twitter Training Sessions, Parental Impact Presentations and Global #gtchat Sponsorships.

When I started #gtchat, I strongly believed in its power to support gifted students throughout the world. What I didn’t expect was the intensity and excitement of orchestrating and participating in the chats week in and week out. It’s been an utter privilege, and I now find myself wanting to devote even more time and energy to this fruitful endeavor.

I have a large vision for #gtchat and want to do everything I can to ensure its sanctity as an open forum devoted to finding solutions for gifted learners worldwide. Global #gtchat ultimately belongs to us all (not just me). It can’t exist in a vacuum. After all, we birthed it via collaboration!

Having said that, I do want to do more research, invite topic experts to specific chats, create “#gtchat learning links” based on each week’s chat, introduce tweeps with similar interests to each other, teach others about the new social media technology (especially parents who might feel intimidated), create customized transcripts with live links, assist new #gifted and #gtchat followers, and ultimately continue to help alter the way we think and learn about gifted issues.

I believe we’re at the very, very beginning of something quite extraordinary that has the potential to challenge our perceptions and knowledge about collaboration, culture, advocacy and peer-to-peer support in the global gifted education realm. I know this because I’ve been the beneficiary of your wisdom, your input, your enthusiasm and support! Read the rest of this entry »


Welcome to the New Ingeniosus Web Site and Blog!

Welcome to Ingeniosus’ new spiffy site! I’m hoping you’ll find the new Web site and Ingeniosus Blog much easier to enjoy and navigate. Feel free to dig around and explore. We’re here to serve parents, educators and gifted education advocates from across the world.

In the upcoming months, you’ll find more regular Ingeniosus Blog entries and news. Meanwhile, our new global #gtchat section of the site will make it a cinch to vote for our weekly #gtchat topics and locate past transcripts. If you’re unfamiliar with #gtchat, click on Learn More.

I hope you’ll take a moment to post a comment and/or drop me a line about the new redesign, #gtchat or news pertinent to the #gifted community. I can be reached at; I’m @DeborahMersino on Twitter. If you haven’t yet become a fan of Ingeniosus on Facebook, I hope you’ll consider joining the conversation. It’s all about collaboration!

As you know, Ingeniosus remains committed to igniting a fresh and powerful movement in the social media realm and beyond to support gifted learners worldwide. I hope you’ll bookmark this site, sign up for the RSS feed and keep me apprised of how Ingeniosus and #gtchat can serve you best. There’s never been a more critical time in history to understand how to best “market” gifted education. Ingeniosus stands primed and ready to serve.


Deborah Mersino


Transcripts Available from 02.12.10 “Homework: Battles or Bliss?” & “Discovering Passion: Helping Gifted Kids Find Inspiration” #gtchats

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Good morning or good afternoon (depending on where you reside)! Thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s global #gtchat sessions so lively!

While our noon session on “Homework: Battles or Bliss?” was small, it was mighty! The Davidson Institute (@DavidsonGifted) shared some excellent resources that you’ll want to be sure to check out.

Our second session, “Discovering Passion: Helping Gifted Kids Find Inspiration” proved to be both inspiring and thought-provoking.

Check out the transcripts here:

  • Transcript from 02.12 noon/EST #gtchat, “Homework: Battles or Bliss?”: {starts halfway down}
  • Transcript from 7pm/EST #gtchat, “Discovering Passion: Helping #Gifted Kids Find Inspiration”

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Transcripts Available from 02.06.10 Asynchronous Development and Twice Exceptional Global #gtchats

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 02.06.10 global #gtchat sessions. We had a lively and engaging discussion about the challenges of asynchronous development at noon/EST. At 7:00 p.m./EST, we covered how to positively support twice exceptional (2E) students.

If you missed out on either chat, click on the transcript links below:

  • Transcript from 02.06.10 “Asynchronous Development” global #gtchat at noon (Chat starts half-way down first page)
  • Transcript of 02.06.10 “Twice Exceptional” global #gtchat at 7pm/EST

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