Transcripts Available from 02.06.10 Asynchronous Development and Twice Exceptional Global #gtchats

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 02.06.10 global #gtchat sessions. We had a lively and engaging discussion about the challenges of asynchronous development at noon/EST. At 7:00 p.m./EST, we covered how to positively support twice exceptional (2E) students.

If you missed out on either chat, click on the transcript links below:

  • Transcript from 02.06.10 “Asynchronous Development” global #gtchat at noon http://bit.ly/b6Z6Z3 (Chat starts half-way down first page)
  • Transcript of 02.06.10 “Twice Exceptional” global #gtchat at 7pm/EST http://bit.ly/9urU00

I continue to be impressed with the collaboration taking place on this incredible platform. We continue to have new parents, educators and gifted advocates join us each week from across the globe. The amount of real-time learning taking place is astounding. Top-notch resources and critical links are being shared, as our community works to sharpen our focus on the issues impacting high-potential learners today.

I’ll be posting a new Twtpoll by Monday with our topic choices for next Friday, February 12th (which happens to be my husband’s birthday!). Be sure to vote by end-of-day (GMT) on Wednesday and mark your calendars for future chats, which take place every Friday. Your voice is important!

I’m in the process of redesigning my blog and Web site and will be unveiling both in the next month or so. I’m hoping to make it quick and easy to find past #gtchat transcripts, Twtpoll’s, “Best of #gtchat Resources/Links” and more!

Feel free to drop me a line at deborah@ingeniosus.net if you have any questions and/or have comments. And if you’re enjoying the chats, please invite others. Thank you again for your support.

Warmest regards,

Deborah Mersino (@DeborahMersino)

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