The Online GT World Keeps Growing; Connect Now!

I have had the immense privilege of devoting my work at Ingeniosus to building bridges between organizations, educators, parents of high-potential learners and advocates. For the past year, I have reveled in helping launch and participate in a global gifted movement dedicated to sharing resources and inspiring collaboration and advocacy.

In addition to creating the Ingeniosus site and this blog, I have been partnering with organizations committed to real-time learning.

The list below offers a sampling of  the organizations, businesses, schools and individuals participating in this powerful movement, which we’ve informally deemed Advocacy Without Borders! A special thank you goes out to leaders at the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, who have purposefully and energetically worked to compile and share these numerous resources with so many. Thank you also to the Gatton Academy and the Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Northern Colorado. These two leading organizations have helped support the growing online collaboration taking place via their Global #gtchat Sponsorships. Be sure to learn more about them. Ready to connect? Here we go!


*Please note that some organizations are more active than others. Feel free to connect and explore. Also, if you don’t already have a Facebook or Twitter account, you’ll need to create one, so that you can connect. On Twitter, you will simply “follow” the organization or person and on Facebook, you’ll “like” or “add as a friend.”


Again, hats off to Julie Dudley of DITD for the original compilation and updates:


Additional Web sites:

Ultimately, it’s all about collaboration. As such, I’m grateful to those individuals who have either introduced me to the resources I’ve listed and/or are working passionately to share resources digitally and ensure we create more bridges to inspire teachers, parents and others who want to see our high-potential learners flourish! Do you have updates and/or additions? Have I mistakenly missed you? Contact me!

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