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Global #gtchat Spotlight: The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in KY

Earlier this year, the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky became our inaugural  Global #gtchat Sponsor!

Visionary sponsors like the Gatton Academy make #gtchat possible and available for educators, parents of gifted students and advocates worldwide.

Take two minutes to learn more about this incredible institution of learning. The students even produced the clip below. You’re sure to be inspired!

Isn’t it impressive that the Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University offers a residential program for bright, highly motivated Kentucky high school students who have demonstrated interest in pursuing advanced careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics?  Sixty students each year are admitted through a competitive process. Instead of spending their  junior and senior years in traditional high schools, students enroll in the Gatton Academy and live in a uniquely dedicated residence hall.

The goals of the Gatton Academy are to enable exceptional emerging scientists and mathematicians to learn in an environment which offers advanced educational opportunities while preparing them for leadership roles in the Commonwealth.  Taking courses offered by WKU, their classmates are fellow Gatton Academy students and traditional undergraduate students. At the end of two years, Gatton Academy students will have earned at least 60 college credit hours in addition to completing high school!

I personally want to thank Corey Alderdice (@innervation and @GattonAcademy), assistant director of admissions and public relations at the Gatton Academy, who saw the power and potential of #gtchat from the beginning. In fact, he came up with our Global #gtchat tagline: “140 characters. Unlimited potential.” Thank you Corey! And hats off to the students and faculty at the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky. We need leaders and change agents like you!

To stay current on the inspiring learning taking place at the Gatton Academy, become a Facebook fan and/or follow them on Twitter (@GattonAcademy). And to learn more about this Global #gtchat Sponsor, visit


“Best of #gtchat” Math Mania: Finding the Best Resources/Links/Tools

The resource list from “Math Mania: Finding the Best Resources/Links/Tools” is ready; thank you to everyone who contributed! Leslie Graves from Ireland, @LesLinks, deserves a special nod, as she provided us all with enough math bookmarks to keep our gifted mathematicians satiated for years! Should you have additional math resources, feel free to send me a tweet, a DM to @DeborahMersino and/or an email at deborah (at sign) ingeniosus (dot) net. Pardon the laborious way of writing my email. I’m working to combat the bots!

If you missed our “Math Mania” #gtchat on July 2, 2010 and would like to read the transcript in full, you’ll find it here {scroll to 10:10 start/links}.

Thankfully, many of the sites listed below are free resources. However, if you’re an educator, parent or advocate planning to purchase one or more of the books referenced below, please consider ordering through Shop Hoagies. As many of you know, Hoagies’ continues to be a light for so many in the gifted world. A portion of your purchase dollars will go toward supporting this potent, resource-laden site.

Ready to have fun with mathematics? Here are the Math Mania Links:

Next up will be our “Best of #gtchat” Science Exploration links. In the meantime, happy computing!

Warmest regards,

Deborah Mersino