Ready to Impact? Three Opportunities to Increase Influence via Twitter Training, Parental Engagement Presentations & Sponsorships

Ingeniosus is now offering companies, public school districts, private gifted schools, as well as universities and gifted organizations, three new ways to increase their influence and impact via:
  • On-site Twitter Training Sessions
  • Parental Impact Presentations
  • Annual Global #gtchat Sponsorships
On-Site Twitter Training Sessions

Ideal for private gifted schools, graduate school (master’s or doctoral level) gifted education course instruction, public school districts, state gifted associations and summer gifted parental programs, Ingeniosus is pleased to offer a 1.5-hour “Twitter Time: How to Tap Social Networking to Propel Learning, Collaboration and Advocacy” training session.

For just $300.00 (plus travel costs, only when applicable), Ms. Mersino will help orchestrate a dynamic and ultra user-friendly On-site Twitter Training Session for groups up to 500. She will not only offer an introduction to Twitter basics, but also will share best practices for utilizing Global #gtchat, a weekly chat on Twitter devoted solely to timely and relevant issues pertinent to giftedness.

Launched in January 2010, this real-time forum has drawn participants from throughout Ireland, Finland, Germany, Australia, Canada, England and the United States. For more information on weekly #gtchat, visit www.ingeniosus.net/gtchat.

Ms. Mersino has already been invited to speak at this year’s National Association for Gifted Children’s (NAGC’s) Annual Conference in Atlanta. She’s also written a two-part feature on “Twitter and Gifted Education: How Social Networking Can Propel Advocacy and Learning” in NAGC’s Parenting for High Potential magazine (March and June 2010 issues). Moreover, the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page, Prufrock Press, SENG and dozens of other gifted organizations, blogs and publications have featured Ms. Mersino, lauding the interactive learning and collaborative benefits of #gtchat.

If you’re looking to increase parental engagement and/or interest in your organization, while introducing and connecting your constituents to social networking, this workshop is an ideal first step that’s sure to win over audiences and create enthusiasm and momentum.

Parental Impact Presentations
Through Ingeniosus, Ms. Mersino is now also offering Parental Impact Presentations on the following subjects:
  • Everyday Social Life of Gifted Kids: Proactive Support
  • Going Crazy? Why Parenting the Gifted Can Be Tough!
  • Finding Age-appropriate Literature for Gifted Kids
  • Coping with Overexcitabilities and Intensities: Breathe In; Breathe Out
  • Homework: Experiencing Battles or Bliss?
  • Dealing w/ Little Lawyers & Bossiness
  • Discovering Passions: Helping Gifted Kids Find Inspiration!
  • Presentations are one hour and include handouts citing resources, Web links, research on each topic, and a Q&A period at the end of each session to give participants a chance to share what’s on their minds, engage with others and find solutions and camaraderie.

    The cost for each one-hour presentation is $250.00 (plus travel costs, only when applicable). Mersino, who spent nearly 20 years as a marketing communication executive in Chicago before launching Ingeniosus in 2009, is a seasoned speaker who revels in presenting to both intimate and large audiences.

    Her presentations include a mix of personal experience and self-deprecating anecdotes, pragmatic tips and professional gifted resources. If you’re looking for a cost-effective offering for parents in your district, private gifted school, gifted association, local or regional advocacy group and/or want to tap Ms. Mersino as a keynote speaker for your next fundraiser, feel free to contact her directly at deborah@ingeniosus.net.

    Global #gtchat Sponsorships

    In an effort to take global #gtchat and its success to the next level, Ingeniosus is now offering businesses, private gifted schools, university summer programs, authors and independent publishers, online gifted learning programs, private counseling practices specializing in gifted learners, gifted associations and organizations, as well as individuals, the chance to become #gtchat sponsors to support this growing platform and receive global exposure.

    Four levels of annual Global #gtchat Sponsorships are now available:

    • $500 Level 1 (Knight) – Individuals Only
    • $2,500 Level 2 (Bishop)
    • $5,000 Level 3 (Rook)
    • $10,000 Level 4 (Queen)

    Monies will be used to support all #gtchat efforts, including orchestrating Twtpolls, two #gtchat sessions each week (50 weeks each year), posting transcripts, developing blogs specific to #gtchat and advocacy, as well as offering guidance to new #gtchat participants. Sponsorship monies will also help off-set costs associated with presentations and feature articles done on a volunteer basis, as well as travel costs and registration fees (i.e. NAGC 2010) associated with spreading the word about #gtchat.

    Sponsors will receive recognition on the Ingeniosus Web site and also in presentations given throughout the world, as well as citation in feature articles on the growing influence and impact of social networking and #gtchat. To learn more about Global #gtchat Sponsorships and how you and/or your business or organization might benefit, please contact Deborah Mersino directly at deborah@ingeniosus.net.

    Together, we can ignite powerful parental involvement, education and advocacy on behalf of gifted learners worldwide!

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