Primed to Serve Leaders in Education

By Deborah Mersino

Education shapes our collective futures; yet, it’s also a lightening rod in this country and beyond. Not only does the United States have hundreds of nonprofits devoted to education, but also countless foundations, big and small businesses, and an entire blogging sphere and social media communities filled with impassioned educators committed to education.

Add in public and private universities, K-12 schools, and public policy makers, and it’s easy to recognize the magnitude of forces at work. Opinions are strong and diverse. Missions are laudable and intriguing, yet not necessarily in alignment. The one commonality? A commitment to students.

As founder and president of Ingeniosus, a management consulting practice specializing in education, I work solely with leaders at nonprofits, foundations, companies, universities, and schools who are forward-thinking and self-reflective.

I support these leaders, leadership teams and boards to grow their influence and impact by strengthening organizational strategies pertinent to branding, marketing communications, blogging, and conference/event programming and outreach. I also provide onsite and virtual presentations and keynotes to audiences on a variety of timely topics pertinent to branding, education, leaderships, and nonprofits.

I thrive on serving leaders who are looking to make big shifts to benefit learners powerfully. Are you primed to make your next fiscal year remarkable? Contact me.

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