Global #gtchat Sponsors Rock; It’s Time to Share Your Gratitude!

Global #gtchat has become a vibrant hub of sharing, dialogue, and collaboration among parents of gifted learners, educators, psychologists, scholars, and advocates throughout the past 18 months. We’ve grown from small group of early adopters to a wide range of participants from all over the world. New faces continue to pop up in our #gtchat stream each week. It’s a privilege and an honor to see the interactions, learning, and outcomes resulting from this growing group of impassioned advocates.

Your Voice Matters – A Chance to Thank Our Sponsors

I wanted to give you each an opportunity to say a quick thank you to our Global #gtchat Sponsors. If you have benefitted in any way throughout the past year and a half from your interactions on #gtchat and/or via the connections you’ve made, would you “Leave a Reply” for our Global #gtchat Sponsors below? Taking a minute or two to share your appreciation and how you’ve benefitted from #gtchat will help our Sponsors realize how valuable their support is to you – and all of us who have dreams of growing awareness and collaborating on behalf of gifted learners!

Our #gtchat sessions would not be possible without the generous support of our Global #gtchat Sponsors. Personally, I cannot thank the Gatton Academy and the Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Northern Colorado enough for their early support of this new platform. I’m also pleased to announce the Gifted Development Center (GDC) in Denver has become our newest Global #gtchat Sponsor. You’ve likely heard me raving about GDC’s services recently, and I’m thrilled to be able to have this organization on board for the next year.

In addition to commenting below, be sure to “like” these inspiring organizations on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and/or check out their Web sites. You’ll find lots of useful information! Here are the links for you:

Thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy schedules to acknowledge these supporters! You rock too.


Deborah Mersino

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10 Responses to “Global #gtchat Sponsors Rock; It’s Time to Share Your Gratitude!”

  1. Mona says:

    THANK YOU sponsors! #gtchat has been such a wonderful avenue of advocacy, learning, and support!

  2. ljconrad says:

    Mission Accomplished!

  3. I cannot speak highly enough of the value of #gtchat. It provides teachers with accessible and flexible professional development. It is available in any location with fast internet connections, and this is beginning to include many rural places where wonderful educators so often miss out on face-to-face learning opportunities because of distance and travel expenses.

    For parents and other advocates, as well as for teachers, #gtchat provides moral support and addresses the feelings of isolation that can be part of efforts to meet the needs of the gifted. All attendees benefit from the sharing of quality information and ideas. The 140 character tweet makes it possible to communicate in general terms where specifics of the way one teaches are commercially sensitive, without seeming evasive, and I believe this is another aspect of #gtchat’s success – people in private or competing organisations for the gifted feel able to contribute.

    #gtchat has shown what can be done, and encouraged the development of further online communities in gifted education. We greatly appreciate your support as sponsors, as well as the skill and dedication of Deborah Mersino as #gtchat facilitator.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you Mona, Lisa, and Mary!

  5. Thank you #gtchat sponsors! This chat has been a huge asset to me as a gifted education teacher and Twitter newbie. I have been able to exchange ideas, experiences, and hopes with an inspiring group of advocates and educators. Online communities such as this one is important not only in helping me grow professionally but finding ways to advocate and meet the needs of the children I serve.

  6. Lynette Breedlove (attacher) says:

    Thanks to the #gtchat sponsors who make it possible for us to learn and advocate for gifted children of the world. Educators and parents of gifted children are often isolated, fighting the fight alone. No longer do we have to wait for a conference to connect! What a difference your support is making!

  7. Kodi Smythe, MS-Ed. says:

    Cannot thank sponsors enough. #gtchat is a wonderful, timely tool. Participants are able to get a global perspective on gifted education and are able to learn from a wide range of people. Great way to advocate and connect. Thank you!

  8. Carolyn K says:

    Thanks sponsors!

  9. Jo Freitag says:

    Thank you very much to all the sponsors of #gtchat and thank you, Deborah for your brilliant moderation.
    #gtchat provides an excellent opportunity for teachers and service providers and parents of gifted students from all around the world to come together to share information and support.

  10. Josephine Giaimo says:

    #gtchat is the premier global meetup for gifted advocates, parents, educators, and supporters. Deborah has been facilitating the chats and has been gracious, professional, and exemplary in furthering the conversation and the cause. I continue to learn from her, from her guest speakers and facilitators, and all involved.

    Thank you, sponsors, who help to make this essential forum possible. #gtchat is the best place I know online for the gifted to intelligently and freely discuss relevant topics of interest. The future of gifted education and advocacy is being shaped by these conversations.

    Best wishes to you and your gifted families!

    Josephine M. Giaimo
    Gifted Advocate

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