Global Gifted Chat Launches Friday on Twitter: Use Hashtag #gtchat

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If you’re a parent of a gifted student, a gifted and talented (GT) educator, classroom teacher, administrator, psychologist and/or a gifted advocate, you will now have the opportunity to participate in an exciting new global gifted chat every Friday on Twitter!

Thanks to a savvy suggestion by P.J. Kaiser (@Doublelattemama) and enthusiastic support from dozens and dozens of Twitter experts and gifted advocates, including Joel McIntosh of @PrufrockPress and @cybraryman1,we’re going to dive into the realm of real-time, real-world advocacy every Friday at both noon and 7:00 p.m. (EST), using the hashtag #gtchat.

If you’re new to Twitter and/or have never experienced a Twitter chat, please know it is quite easy to participate. Enter #gtchat into the subject search box and then save that search. You’ll see a stream of all the tweets relating to #gtchat. It’s that simple.
Subsequently, when you’re ready to jump in and say something about the topic being discussed and/or respond to a tweet or post, simply include the hashtag #gtchat at the beginning or end of your tweet.

Tip: @cybraryman1 suggests copying #gtchat and then pasting it each time you give a response. You can also retweet (RT) items that you want to share.

Each week, we will delve into new #gifted topics. I will post #gtchat topic selections several days in advance and you will have an opportunity to vote via a Twtpoll. To vote on a topic for our inaugural #gtchat  (which will take place this Friday, January 22nd), click here: Vote for This Week’s Topic.
The topic receiving the most votes will be the subject of our 7:00 p.m. (EST) session. The runner-up topic will be the subject of our noon (EST) session of #gtchat.  We may revisit topics, depending on our response rates and your appetite for certain subjects.

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I strongly believe #gtchat has the power to ignite enthusiasm, drive learning and bolster advocacy for gifted education. Because the chat will belong to everyone, we will all have the opportunity to shape it – and hopefully, we’ll shape our thinking in turn. Although I’ll be moderating each week, I will be learning right along with you and welcome your feedback and input.

In preparation for our first #gtchat, please keep in mind the following:

  • Be considerate of others during the chat. You are free to disagree, but let’s be respectful and demonstrate politeness and courtesy for differing opinions.
  • If you have research-based resources and/or book suggestions, please share them (as we can all benefit).
  • It may take a while to get accustomed to following the stream of #gtchat tweets. Be patient with yourself and others during our first few chats. We’ll eventually get the hang of it!
  • Feel free to ask questions and/or share real-world experiences.
  • If you want to direct a reply to someone, simply start off your tweet with that person’s @username (Example: @DeborahMersino I agree and think #gifted state associations can play a bigger role and need more of our support).
  • Simultaneously, it’s a good idea to search for your own @username a few times throughout the chat to ensure you catch any responses directed to you. Tip: it’s easy to do this if you save a search for your own @username.
  • If Twitter still seems daunting and/or intimidating, feel free to scroll down and/or click on my past posts (3-part series) on “Twitter and Gifted Education: How Social Networking Can Propel Advocacy and Learning.”
  • If you have questions, topic suggestions and/or would like to serve as a gifted resource/expert on a potential #gtchat subject, please shoot me an email at deborah@ingeniosus.net.

I do receive a lot of DMs and email, but will do my best to respond as quickly as I can (depending on my gifted client work load/deliverables).

I’m currently studying ways to capture and post transcripts following each session of our #gtchat and will keep you posted. This will be especially helpful for our Australian tweeps like @soundsuccess, @BrendonWalker and others. For those of you in the UK, I hope you’ll stay up late enough to join the 7:00 p.m. chat. Thank you for offering to contribute @CathRiordan and @GiftedPhoenix!

We may start off with 15, 30 or 50 participants; however, I do envision a day when we will have hundreds of gifted teachers, parents and gifted advocacy leaders utilizing #gtchat on a weekly basis to ignite learning, support and collaboration for our high-potential students throughout the world and all those who serve them.

I hope you will consider participating each and every week. And if you feel so inclined, please share this post and/or spread the word with others who may benefit. And to the countless individuals who have shown encouragement and support for this new endeavor through blog posts, RTs, tweets and emails, I applaud you and graciously thank you.

Until Friday, happy tweeting!

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