Congratulations to All Who Participated in our Inaugural #gtchat!

Ireland, Finland, Germany, Australia & the U.S. came together on Friday, January 22, 2010 to launch two sessions of the new weekly global #gtchat on Twitter. To those who participated, I applaud you!

For those of you who missed the noon/EST #gtchat on “Igniting Advocacy and Propelling Optimism” you can download the transcript here: http://bit.ly/8fGWVK. (Tip: Scroll down to the bottom and start at the beginning.)

The transcript from the 7:00p.m./EST #gtchat on “Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Students” can be found here:  http://ow.ly/ZzjV (Word DOC) or http://ow.ly/Zzkj (PDF).

A special thank you goes to @innervation (Corey Alderdice) for the transcripts. Corey serves as an assistant director at @GattonAcademy, a residential high school for gifted students in math and science in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I’m also appreciative of our Australian advocate @BrendonWalker, who created a video rendition and squeezed the full hour into 5 minutes for each #gtchat. To slow down the feed, simply use the pause button.

The pace was quick and energizing. Based on our launch experience, I’d like to offer the following tips for future chats:

  • Make sure your Twitter settings are on “public view” instead of “private view.” This way, your tweets will show up in the #gtchat feed. We had a few participants who were tweeting and including #gtchat in their posts, but weren’t showing up in the feed/transcripts. We don’t want to miss your sage thinking, so please ensure your tweets are public.
  • Don’t forget to include #gtchat when typing. Particularly when you get involved, it sometimes can be tricky to remember!
  • If you come into the chat late, please introduce yourself, your role (parent/teacher/advocate) and your location. Then, I’ll try to fill you in on the questions/subject being discussed at that time. Individuals did a consummate job of this on Friday (impressive!).
  • The National Association for Gifted Children (@NAGCGIFTED) and The Davidson Institute (@DavidsonGifted) both shared some excellent links in our first session. Others shared additional links in the second session. Be sure to go back through the transcripts and visit these resources (you may need to copy/paste). It’s difficult to visit live links during the chat, but they’re worth examining and sharing. In the future, I may try to compile a “Best of #gtchat links/resources.” Stay tuned.
  • Please continue to be respectful of differing opinions. As our #gtchat grows, it’s inevitable that our own personal experiences will differ, as well as our outlooks. Let’s remember the goal is fostering optimism and finding solutions, even amid current challenges and roadblocks.
  • Remember to participate in the Twtpoll vote each week. I’ll try to have topic choices up by Monday and voting will close EOD on Wednesday. If you have suggestions for topics, feel free to direct a tweet to me at @DeborahMersino or send me an email at innovate@deborahmersino.com.
  • If you’re new to Twitter and this still sounds foreign and confusing, please review past blog posts.

I am deeply grateful for the enthusiasm being shared. I truly hope we can continue to grow our #gtchat every Friday. My hope is to invite experts from across the world to weigh in on the topics we’re discussing. You all inspire me!

If you were an inaugural participant and found #gtchat invigorating and/or learned something simple or intriguing, I invite you to take a moment and leave a comment on the Ingeniosus blog (see below). We want to share this platform and our learning with as many parents, teachers and advocates as possible. Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful consideration.

Together, we can make a difference. I’m already looking forward to next Friday!

Happy Tweeting,

Deborah Mersino

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