Advancing the World of Gifted Education One Tweet at a Time

Global #gtchat, a weekly chat on Twitter devoted to gifted and talented issues, came to life in January of 2010. Since that time, we have had tens of thousands of tweets devoted to #gtchat. Participants from all over the world have shared resources, dialogue and ideas via this powerful platform. Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom continue to lead the way.

Already in 2011, more than 11,000+ unique visitors from 106 countries have come to the Ingeniosus site for a total of 180,000+ hits. What inspires me more than these numbers is what’s happening as a result of this growing collaboration. Parents, classroom educators, administrators, gifted specialists, psychologists, authors and advocates throughout the world are working together to positively impact these learners’ lives.

The leadership role that participants have taken in their respective countries speaks for itself. The birth of National Gifted Education Awareness Day in Ireland (April 8th) is a result of the devoted efforts of many. Moreover, a federation of UK stakeholders devoted to gifted and talented education, entitled GT Voice, is fostering momentum. Tim Dracup (@GiftedPhoenix) has been one of the leaders in this movement and has my deepest respect.

Gifted and Talented Ireland also became the first specialist Web site for teachers of Exceptionally Able learners in Ireland. Ireland even has its own Twitter chat now, #gtie, moderated by our own Peter Lydon (@Peter_Lydon). We are all witnessing what communication and advocacy can – and will – look like as social networking platforms make sharing research, resources, news and ideation strategies possible like never before.

Two visionary organizations deserve to take a bow for their support of Global #gtchat. The Gatton Academy and the Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Northern Colorado became Global #gtchat Sponsors during its inaugural year. These two programs exemplify the best practices that gifted education has to offer. If you don’t know about these two programs, take a moment to click on the links above and get to know them better. Share news of these inspiring organizations with your friends, colleagues, administrators and parents. I’m grateful to Dr. George Betts and Dr. Stuart Omdal of the Summer Enrichment Program at UNC and Dr. Julia Roberts and Corey Alderdice of the Gatton Academy for their support.

Are you curious about Global #gtchat and/or want to learn more about how to participate? Click here. Please know that even if you don’t tweet, you can keep up with happenings on the Ingeniosus Facebook Page.

Together, we’re advancing the world of gifted education one tweet at a time. So, here’s to our Global #gtchat Sponsors – and each of you – as we continue learning, growing and impacting during our second year!

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